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INTO is proud to partner with Somain, a manufacturer of safety equipment and systems based in France, to provide work-at-height solutions such as warning lines to markets in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

We use basic components manufactured by Somain, such as frames and ballast weights, to install our warning lines. As a result, our warning lines are a combination of INTO and Somain products.

Making work at height safe

In normal circumstances, guardrails are the recommended solution for ensuring overall protection to workers carrying out tasks on rooftops. In certain specific cases, however, work managers may decide to use warning lines instead.

Our warning lines are designed to ensure worker safety on rooftops by delineating a safe zone whose perimeter is located at least two meters from the edge of the rooftop or any other area where there is a risk of falling. The warning lines create these safe zones without disruption to work operations.

Versatile equipment ideal for multiple uses

Warning lines may also be used for work on roofs or decks whose slope is less than 15 degrees. They may be deployed at the top of a slope or a trench whose depth exceeds three metres so as to protect workers, visitors, and passersby. They can be installed quickly with few tools. Warning lines are an ideal solution for creating temporary safe zones, securing loading zones and protecting access routes to and from worksites.

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