SYAM mobile anchoring system

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INTO is proud to be the only distributor in Canada for the SYAM mobile anchoring system. This type of partnership with a well-established manufacturer is a perfect complement to our own design and manufacturing services.

Make your work safe wherever you work!

The SYAM mobile anchoring system is a portable anchor point that provides workers with fall protection wherever their assignments take them. The system exerts no pressure on the ceiling and may be installed on all types of support structure. The SYAM mobile anchoring system allows workers to free up both hands for the task ahead and work in completely safe conditions. It is easy to carry since it weighs only 15 kilograms and conveniently fits into a backpack. Also, it is easy to install; in fact, you can assemble it in less than a minute.

Make the most of your SYAM mobile anchoring system

To help you get maximum utility and safety from the SYAM mobile anchoring system, our trainers provide you with full technical training.

The SYAM mobile anchoring system has been tested and has met Canadian Standards Association (CSA) regulations. In addition, it meets the requirements of the province of Quebec’s construction safety code.

A multiple-use solution

Who can benefit from the SYAM mobile anchoring system? This system is an ideal solution for a broad range of clients, including carpenters, locksmiths, masons, electricians, painters, heating technicians, cleaning crews, demolition specialists, and municipal service departments.

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