Somain free-standing railing

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INTO is proud to be the only distributor in Canada for the Somain free-standing railing. This kind of partnership with a renowned manufacturer is an added value to our own design and manufacturing capabilities.

Somain free-standing railing for effective fall protection

The Somain free-standing railing is placed at the perimeter of a work zone at height on either side of access ladders or to secure a snow-removal area, making them an ideal solution for protecting your workers from a fall.

The Somain free-standing railing is installed on rooftops without resorting to drilling, thereby protecting the roof membrane’s waterproofing capacity. This is a permanent prevention and protection solution for buildings that translates into safe conditions wherever workers are exposed to the risk of falling.

The Somain free-standing railing is safety equipment certified by an engineer from the Quebec order of engineers. It is compliant with the various safety codes and standards in effect in Quebec.

A free-standing railing that provides multiple benefits

Partly because of its light aluminum construction, the Somain free-standing railing can be installed quickly and easily. It is a product that is both visually appealing and versatile; in addition, the stability of the railing is assured by ballast weights so as not to damage the roof’s waterproof membrane. The Somain free-standing railing is compliant with, and certified by, Quebec’s building code.

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