Rooftop snow-removal enclosure

In accordance with its drive to innovate, INTO is proud to offer a brand new product: our snow-removal enclosure, a guardrail section designed to make rooftop snow-removal operations safe. Depending on your needs, the snow-removal enclosure can be installed either on a permanent basis or as mobile equipment (therefore requiring no drilling into the roof membrane).

Fall protection for rooftop snow-removal operations

The snow-removal enclosure is an ideal solution for creating a safe discharge zone in close proximity to the edge of the rooftop. Essentially, the snow-removal enclosure acts like a cage that prevents workers from overstepping the discharge zone’s safety limits.

Once the snow from all parts of the rooftop has been moved to the discharge zone, our snow-removal enclosure allows workers to get very close to the edge of the roof without risk of falling. From the discharge zone, they can shovel snow off the roof onto a secure dumping zone below.

Snow removal enclosure and warning lines

In accordance with the recommended method for removing snow safely from flat rooftops, a two meter buffer zone from the edge all around the rooftop must be created. Snow is not removed from the buffer zone. To create the buffer zone, the recommended solution is to use warning lines, allowing workers to get to within two metres of the edge without risk of falling.

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