Comprehensive access and safety equipment solutions

The experts at INTO design custom access and safety equipment solutions. INTO solutions – designed for maintenance, cleaning, and inspection activities in buildings, including mechanical rooms and other units – meet the needs of workers operating at height and resolve their various access challenges.

We rely on the expertise of seasoned consultants, engineers, and technicians and the strategic support of well-regarded partners and companies to provide you with superior services. Our team also provides on-time start-to-finish installation services for your access equipment with little or no inconvenience to your daily operations. Post-installation, we deliver comprehensive quality control and training to ensure safe and optimal equipment use.

INTO access systems may be customized to all types of buildings. They provide true value and cost-effectiveness as well as compliance with the industry’s most stringent standards.

Fall protection anchor systems

To prevent and protect against falls, workers at height need to use the right equipment – in other words, equipment that is totally appropriate, reliable, and safe. Whatever your work-at-height zone, whether indoors or out, INTO can supply your workers with the fall protection anchor systems that are best suited to their tasks as well as to the working conditions they face.

Continuous anchor systems (horizontal lifeline or rigid rail)

Are you looking for continuous anchor systems featuring horizontal lifelines or rigid rails to provide workers operating at height and in the horizontal plane with the fall protection they need ? In that case, your best choice are the systems that enable workers at height to get through their tasks while remaining securely attached at all times.

Davits for façade maintenance and window cleaning at height

Are you looking to equip your buildings or new and future constructions with height access systems designed to facilitate all façade maintenance and window cleaning activities? These systems make use of davits – “structural arms” that support suspended loads. In the height access and work at height sector, davits are structures that are used to maintain in suspension the motorized platforms and other equipment used for façade maintenance and window cleaning at height.

Monorail system for façade maintenance and window cleaning at height

INTO’s monorail system for façade maintenance and window cleaning at height is a must-have resource for carrying out work activities that require continuous movement along horizontal planes or to gain access either to confined spaces or areas that are difficult to reach.

Ladders and mobile catwalks for glass canopy maintenance and cleaning

The glass canopies that adorn many buildings are often huge structures that represent a sizeable challenge for cleaning and maintenance work crews. As a result, these work crews have to use equipment and tools that are designed specifically to overcome this challenge. Fortunately, the right equipment for the job, including ladders and mobile catwalks for glass canopy maintenance and cleaning, is one of the solutions we provide at INTO.

Custom Manufacturing

INTO also develops various access systems that allow workers to reach areas that unexpectedly require access or are especially difficult to get to or call for enhanced safety measures. We can design the personalized project that you need.