The only canadian distributor for syam and somain systems

In addition to designing a wide range of custom solutions, INTO distributes work-at-height access and safety equipment from other manufacturers. As a result, we have built strong partnerships with world-renowned companies.

INTO is the only Canadian distributor for the SYAM mobile anchoring system and Somain self-supporting guardrails and warning lines. We are proud to provide this distribution service so as to equip workers operating at height with an even broader range of high-quality products and solutions.

SYAM mobile anchoring system

The SYAM mobile anchoring system is a portable anchor point that provides workers with fall protection wherever their assignments take them. The system exerts no pressure on the ceiling and may be installed on all types of support structure.

Somain free-standing railing

The Somain free-standing railing is placed at the perimeter of a work zone at height on either side of access ladders or to secure a snow-removal area, making them an ideal solution for protecting your workers from a fall.

Warning lines somain

Our warning lines are designed to ensure worker safety on rooftops by delineating a safe zone whose perimeter is located at least two meters from the edge of the rooftop or any other area where there is a risk of falling. The warning lines create these safe zones without disruption to work operations.


Rooftop snow-removal enclosure

The snow-removal enclosure is an ideal solution for creating a safe discharge zone in close proximity to the edge of the rooftop. Essentially, the snow-removal enclosure acts like a cage that prevents workers from overstepping the discharge zone’s safety limits.