Certification for permanent window cleaning systems

Permanent window cleaning systems include a broad range of equipment such as roof car units running on rails, mobile lifting frames, davits and davit bases, horizontal lifeline systems, monorails, safety anchors for fall prevention and protection, and counterweights.

At INTO, thanks to the experience we have acquired over the years, we have extensive knowledge of these systems. As a result, we are able to carry out activities to ensure certification for permanent window cleaning systems, whatever their properties.

We also certify fall protection anchor systems.

Every year: inspection and assurance of conformity

Our program of certification for permanent window cleaning systems helps to ensure that your systems are in compliance with requirements. In addition, as part of this program, we carry out all appropriate tests to adjust your equipment toward ensuring compliance with standards and regulations.

Every five years: upgrade

We strongly recommend that you schedule inspection and upgrade services for your equipment at least every five years. Our approach to inspection and upgrade services includes reviewing all equipment documentation, including log books and technical drawings in an effort to ensure your systems’ full compliance with current requirements.

If the inspection process confirms that your permanent window cleaning systems are in compliance, a certificate is issued to you indicating that your equipment and devices are safe for use and that they meet current standards.

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